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Engage yourself in an adrenaline packed game of airsoft in an exciting and realistic outdoor arena.

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The Village

The Village is our CQC field well suited for pistol and SMG games. Games vary from Force on Force, Control Point, Marco Polo, Pirate Ship to Trouble in Terrorist Town. Most games are semi auto however we do occassionally run full auto SMG games. We maintain a strict 350 FPS limit on this field.


Shanty Town

Our main field is built in an African shanty town style. Ideal for CQC and mid-range engagements we host the majority of our game types here including Capture the Flag, Medic Run, Control Point, Zombie Defence, Blackhawk Down, Parts and Pieces and Force on Force. Our field limits are 415 FPS and 25 RPS in both full auto and semi auto fire modes.



Welcome to our Sniper Field! Grasslands is our open environment play arena. Ideally suited for longer range engagements, DMR's (Designated Marksmen Rifle) and snipers will feel at home here. As with our main field game types vary. FPS/RPS limits are strictly enforced with rifles at 415/25, DMR's at 450/25 and Bolt Action Snipers at 500/25 (w/100 ft engagment distance).

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