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1. Waiver Information 

Please take a moment to fill out the online waiver on the homepage of this website.

All players must have a signed waiver on file. Under 18 years old requires a parent to sign the online waiver. Waivers are good for 1 year after which they will need to be filled out and resubmitted on the website. Each time you come to play you must check in online through the waiver and show it to the front counter/cashier before you can pay for your field fee. 

2. Requirements for playing 

Minimum age is 10 years old.

Closed toe shoes are required. 

Full face protection is required, i.e. paintball masks. Should you opt for a different form of eye/face protection, specific safety glasses and specific lower face masks are acceptable:

Eye Protection: Sealed and ANSI shatter proof rated (Ballistic is preferred). If safety glasses are to be used the arms have to be fitted, no straight arms like ray bans. 

Lower Face Protection: Such as steel mesh 

All forms of face protection can be purchased in our pro shop and range in prices from $20-$80 depending on the amount of protection you prefer. 

3. Rental Offerings 

We offer rental packages if you do not have any airsoft equipment. All our packages include a mask, rifle, mag and a 1,000 bbs total. There are four different packages to choose from. All packages have different rifle offerings that increase in performance as far as accuracy and a higher FPS. 

Standard Rental: G&G CM16 $25 

Elite Rental: ASL MOD-M $30 

Elite Plus Rental: Elite Force-CFR $35 

Pro-Line: KWA-VM4A1 $40 

4. Brought your own rifle? Here’s the Chrono Process:

If you bring your own airsoft gun it will need to be chronoed to test the FPS for field safety. Once your gun passes chrono an employee will note the FPS on your entry wristband and your gun will be tagged. Anyone who did not chrono their rifle will not be allowed on the field. Any rifle brought in will need to have a barrel cover/sleeve to cover the front of the gun in case of any accidental misfires. This is for liability purposes and for everyone’s safety. If your rifle does not have a barrel cover they are available for purchase at the front counter for $6 before tax. 

5. Safety Brief 

Before entering the field, everyone is required to attend a safety briefing to make sure everyone knows the field safety rules. No one is allowed on the field until they have had a safety briefing. Safety briefings are given by one of the marshals or a DOW employee. If you have any questions or concerns or do not understand certain rules please feel free to ask one of the marshals or you may address your concerns to the manager.