Anthony q. “SIX”


braden k. “BEAR”

The airsoft community in Hawaii is incredibly important for us. Having both played airsoft in multiple environments both in Hawaii and on the Mainland, it was important for us to create a space where players from all walks of life and experience levels can spend time learning from each other, playing and having a great time. We want what we are doing in Hawaii to continue to grow and be an example of the airsoft players in the world of quality gameplay and community.


- Six & Bear



steven lufkin “Vermont”

Steven has moved all the way from Vermont to Hawaii to help grow the airsoft community in Hawaii. He has worked for the Super Store and is well versed in airsoft gear ranging from entry level to top of the line. He also had an extensive experience as an EMT and will be our Medic at DoW, as well as our new Store Manager!

Assistant Manager.jpg

Victoria P. “Tori”

Tori is new to the airsoft community but is a quick learner. She is our new Assistant Manager and is doing an excellent Jon at it! She is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the community and is always looking for new ways to grow our shop and the airsoft community.



michael thomas “havoc”

Havoc is a man of many talents. Former United States Air Force EOD, he has served for 12 years and now brings those skills to airsoft and the training programs that he runs for our parent company Koa Tactical Solutions. He spends a significant amount of time in the shop and on the field as a marshal as well as bestowing his significant knowledge of tactics with players and trainees alike.


James Carvalho “ikea”

IKEA is a great guy and we constantly depend on him for marshaling our field and keeping the players safe while having a blast! He has been playing airsoft for quite some time and continues to find new and interesting games to introduce to the players.