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Dogs of War Rules (.pdf download)

Dogs of War Release of Liability (.pdf download)

Field Rules:

  • RPS must be no more than 30.

  • Trigger sensitivity must be low. Speed triggers will be monitored.

  • Minimum engagement distance is 10 feet for open field. Players choice to shoot or call "Bang"

  • CQB minimum engagement is ZERO. Players choice to shoot or call "Bang"

  • Dual wielding is not allowed.

  • If you use a rubber, plastic, wood swords, knives, or foam weapons, that is the only weapon you may use, until you stow it, then you may use another weapon. Absolutely no throwing. Tap, not chop.

  • Hands, hand will NEVER be placed on another player in any aggressive manner that is not within keeping with the theme of the sport.

  • Thunder-B grenades have a 15 foot kill radius. Wrap around on corners by 5 feet. -Smoke grenades will only be allowed under the advisement of field marshals.